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McCain v. Obama – The Dance Off


October 29, 2008 at 9:53 pm Leave a comment

Oh yeah!!

Let me tell you my idea of a GREAT NIGHT.

1.Turn the lights down low.
2. Light some candles.
3. Turn on some Starship Greatest Hits and skip right to “Sarah”
4. Hit Repeat.
5. Grab a nice glass of courvoisier

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Nothing like a little politics to get the Goodwin kids talkin’

Dad may freak out, but I am not a Republican. I would consider myself a libertarian or an independent. I am anti big government but I am also very socially liberal. I don’t care if two men want to get married or if a woman wants to have an abortion.  I don’t think the government should get involved in my decisions about my healthcare or tax me more just because I am successful.  

That is why in 2000 I voted for John McCain. I was excited to have him run again this year. However, in his efforts to win the conservative vote, he has changed his stand on many issues that were different from the Republican majority. Unfortunately he is really reinforcing that he is going to be more of the same. I just hope that his recent stance is just a ploy to get the conservative vote. If elected, I hope he goes back to the “Straight Talk” that has diffentiated him.

Anyway, I saw this on the Daily Show last night and thought it was hillarious.  Yes, I am still going to vote for McCain, but you can’t deny how funny this clip is.


September 6, 2008 at 4:22 pm 1 comment

Sarah Palin…

You know, I was going to vote for McCain anyway, but now that Palin got the VP spot….I am much more convinced that its the right choice.



Shes just HOT! And if this election has taught us anything, experience is nothing compared to looking good and giving great speeches! (Sarcasm)


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Year Of The Ratt

Im going to get a little deep for a second, because this is something I have put quite a bit of thought into lately, and as a rule, I dont put much thought into anything. Therefore, I consider this post worthy.

Please excuse all my misspellings and poor grammar. Also, please excuse my all of a sudden hippie like rant.

I dont think people try hard enough at pretty much anything. I honestly think that most friendships, relationships, mairrages, self confidence issues could be solved by simply trying harder.

Let me explain further.

I honestly believe we live in a world where people thrive on frustrations and stress. Its how we operate. Its what we talk about, complain about, heck, even blog about. (which is why I have not started my “Obama is the anti-Christ” blog yet)

Are you still with me? Good. So if the world operates on stress, and frustrations, and disagreements, we make it our mission to cure these wrongs in our life, as we should. We go to counceling, we send “im sorry” cards, we go on anti-depressents. And these are all good things, they are a step in the right direction.  However I think that all these things, and more, could be helped by simply trying harder. How many couples divorce and “try” the counseling thing only to end up divorced? I would be willing to bet that one or both never wanted to make it work in the first place, and the counseling was just a last ditch effort. Obviously not every mairrage is going to make it no matter how hard they try, but I do believe more could be salvaged with a little bit of give and take, and well as counseling.

Now, as someone who has been on anti-depressants, and lived through depression, I know how “out of control” it feels, and how helpless. However, I think had I made it my mission to wake up everyday and say “I am going to TRY to make this day a good day,” I may have overcome it sooner.

Thats the word. TRY! I dont think we TRY hard enough.

Lloyd Dobbler (whos Lloyd Dobbler? Only the greatest John Cusak character EVER in “Say Anything”) said “Get in a good mood. How hard is it to just make up your mind and decide to be in a good mood?” Honestly, ive tried this, and it IS possible. You have to try.

It has been said that Lloyd Dobblers way of thinking was “Optimism as a revolutionary act.” Its sad that optimism, something that I think should be the norm, has become that, but think of possibilities it optimism became a way of life?!

Please dont think I am saying “get over it” to people who have lived though these things. I honestly have nothing but compassion and understanding. However I honestly believe that you can always try to fix things. Effort is a renewable energy.

I realize that the worlds problems and all our own personal problems will never totally go away. But if we try, and I mean really try to make these things that seem so “out of our control” when they clearly are in ONLY our control, then I think we can make ourselves, and in turn others around us happier.

Now enjoy this feel good music video brought to you by the letter R and the number 4.

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mom’s reunion

So I was thinking that if we do this reunion thing for mom than we need to start talking about it now. So we can start planning it. I was thinking about Vegas or somewhere. but that is just a thought

August 19, 2008 at 3:52 pm 2 comments

Its Guy Love!

July 24, 2008 at 11:54 pm 1 comment

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